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Oct 29th - Disaster Resiliency & Embodied Carbon

A conversation on carbon emissions associated with post-disaster recovery


Sustainability and resilience are the two thrusts of Canada’s climate lens. While there is great effort in curbing emissions through reduction of operational and embodied carbon, many of the issues driving stakeholder and asset owner decisions relate to asset risks caused by climate change, or other sources of natural hazards such as earthquakes. Facing increasing regulatory pressure and best practice standards such as TCFP, businesses are now required to considered both thrusts in decision-making.

Join us on Friday, October 29th from 12-1:00pm PST to learn about different ways that resiliency intersects with sustainability through the lens of practicing risk and engineering professionals on disaster and climate change impact reduction. The focus of the presentation is on tools and emerging decision frameworks that bridge the two disciplines, and ultimately empowers decision-makers to rationalize investments in resilient and sustainable construction.

The presentation will show case several examples of areas where both resiliency and sustainability objectives are interconnected and discuss tools for making informed decisions. These areas cover emission caused by repair and recovery from major natural disasters, as well as emerging opportunities in the construction and asset management areas driven by the needs to have sustainable and resilient buildings and infrastructure.

Jack Guo (PhD, P.Eng., CBCI) is the principal of Kinetica Risk, which is a multi-disciplinary team specialized in science-based decision and investment planning support for critical assets prone to natural hazard and climate risk. Jack has over 12 years of experience in multi-physics simulation, probabilistic risk analysis and performance-based seismic and wind analysis of large and complex structures. He has led a number of high-profile projects that support the resiliency planning of multi-billion-dollar portfolio revitalizations and public policy design, working with clients such as Canadian parliamentary precinct, City of Vancouver and Metro Manila. Jack is part of the resilience steering committee in the Institute of Asset Management (IAM), and is an active member of the Business Continuity Institute (BCI), Disaster Resilience Information Exchange (DRIE), Earthquake Engineering Research Institute (EERI) amongst others.

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